Sunday, March 15, 2009

USD & Other Delights

We have SO many changes on Gloomth this week its hard to know where to begin!

First of all we finally converted the website over to a brand new shopping cart!
Which means when you check out that worldwide shipping options will be right there!
As well as lots of uninteresting behind the scenes details like that.

We also added lots of new goodies and streamlined the look of many of our pages.

We'll have a brand new phone system up and running sometime this week. :D
And we'll even be able to accept orders over the phone!!!!!!!!!

(united states dollar)

All the prices have been lowered to accommodate the exchange and so that no one is paying more for the same items. :)

Why this change? Our new cart system doesn't support Canadian funds. :( Which isn't very patriotic but its certainly going to make it easier for our American friends. :)

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